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Barbara Hope Shannon NSCA-CPT  Personal Trainer


Yo-Chi-Lates Classes at the RiverStage in Jeffersonville, IN on the banks of the Ohio!
Tues and Thurs evenings 5:30 - 6:30pm
Cost is $12 per person weekly
Classes begin Tues Oct 12, 2010 and meet through Thurs Nov 18, 2010

The origins of both Yoga and Tai Chi have been debated for centuries. The oldest surviving documentary evidence of what is now thought of as Yoga is from the Indian subcontinent and dates back from the first millennium BC, although older artifacts have been found depicting Yoga poses. Yoga is a system of integrating and balancing body, mind, emotion, and spirit. Some practice it as a spiritual pathway, and others as a form of exercise. There are many forms of Yoga. In Yo-Chi-Lates Classes, we practice asanas (poses) from Hatha and vinyasas (series of poses) from Ashtanga Yoga.  Tai Chi originated in China. Some sources claim Tai Chi is 6000 years old, while some estimates date its beginnings to only a few centuries ago. Chang San-Feng (1247) is generally regarded as the founder of Tai Chi, in the Sung dynasty. Tai Chi is an ancient form of slow, graceful and rhythmic exercise. The movements of Tai Chi gently tone and strengthen the organs and muscles, improve circulation and posture, and relax both mind and body.  Pilates was developed by Joseph Hubertus Pilates. Born in Dusseldorf, Germany in 1880, Joseph was a sickly child. He suffered from asthma, rickets, and rheumatic fever. Dedicating himself to becoming a pillar of health, he studied yoga, acrobatics, boxing, and circus arts. Joseph believed that a healthy body is "your birthright" but that only through a commitment to practicing prevention and maintenance for physical health could you maintain that birthright. His unyielding desire for health drove him to make up the foundation of what we know as Pilates.


Yo-Chi-Lates Class (created by me!) combines all three of these wonderful exercise methods to form one class that will give you the benefits of all three! Here are some of the many benefits of Yo-Chi-Lates Classes:

- Decreases stress

- Decreases joint tension, stiffness, and pain

- Relaxes the body and mind

- Increases understanding of your own and other    
   people's energies

- Delays the signs of aging

- Increases energy level

- Improves muscle tone

- Improves strength, especially "core" strength

- Improves flexibility

- Improves balance

- Improves memory

- Improves coordination

- Helps to maintain hormone levels

- Helps to maintain metabolic rate

- Improves posture

- Alleviates symptoms of some common ailments,
  such as PMS, arthritis, insomnia, constipation, IBS,
  and backache

- Improves sexual satisfaction

If that's not enough to convince you to come out to Yo-Chi-Lates Class, here are a few more reasons:


- It's fun!

- It's social!

- Fresh air!

- You leave Yo-Chi-Lates Class revived, refreshed,
 with a strengthened core and totally de-stressed!

- Beautiful sunsets on the riverfront included, no 
  extra charge!

To register, call me at (502) 295-3468
or register online by clicking this link:



 Private, semi-private, and small group Yo-Chi-Lates Classes can be arranged.
Please call me at (502) 295-3468 to discuss scheduling your Yo-Chi-Lates Classes.







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